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See what people are saying about Excel DG

“I love, love, love it here. I’m so happy to be living in these townhomes.”

“It was the best decision I ever made, moving into these townhomes.”

“I’m so comfortable here, no steps, bright and cheerful, I love it here.”

“Yes, I am enjoying my home very much. I’ve recommended them to my friends too. I’m so grateful to be here.”

“We love our new 3-bedroom home. Its the best we have ever lived in.”

I really like it here. The neighbors are very nice and look out for one another. It is bright, quiet, and beautiful! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this blessed community.

"Your development in our community is oustanding! I cannot tell you how many people have made positive comments to me about this neighborhood your company has created. The city council members have made numerous positive comments to me as well. You will not find one person in our town unhappy with this development."

Fall/Winter Maintenance Tips

Fall/Winter maintenance tips to help you achieve better enjoyment and cost savings from your home:…

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Beat The Gloomy Weather Blues

Fall is here, this means cold, cloudy and rainy weather all month long. Has this…

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Porter Estates-Beatrice, NE

Now Leasing This new property is located at 10th & Jackson where the old Beatrice…

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Come to our open house at Porter Houses in Beatrice, NE!
The open house is this Sunday, October 21st from 1:00 – 2:30 PM. Located at 1019 N. 11th St.

Hope to see you there!

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This week Jacqui, Emily, Kim, and Angie went to Rentwise training class! They work in our Compliance & Leasing Department.

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Yesterday we had a great team meeting!
Also our friends at GenR8 Marketing stopped by. Stay tuned for some exciting projects happening here at Excel Development Group!

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Check out our new gym equipment in our Prairie Flats location in Enid, Oklahoma. Love giving our residents great amenities!

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Everyone here at Excel Development would like to say Go Big Red! We'll be cheering on the Huskers this weekend as they take on Northwestern.

#Huskers #GBR #ExcelDevelopmentGroup
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There really are a lot of benefits to living in a community for 55+. Have you or a loved one considered it?

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There are already some bugs going around! Be prepared for the winter months coming ahead with your health.
Check out this event happening at one of our locations:

Terrace Heights I & II in Auburn, NE at 1:00 pm on Tuesday, October 9th will be having a speaker from the Southeast District Health Department.
They will be talking about the flu, flu vaccinations and winter health. The meeting will be held at the community building at Terrace Heights.

#TerranceHeights #flu #health #ExcelDevelopment
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2 weeks ago

Excel Development Group

Homeowner Tips:

Garbage Disposal tips and tricks to help maintain a cleaner kitchen
Garbage disposals can be very useful in removing food waste from the home that would otherwise go into your trash can and begin stinking up your kitchen in no time
DO use cold water when using the disposal
DO only put small chunks of food debris into the disposal
DO run the disposal often, even if not putting food in it. This keeps other items from getting stuck in the unit
DON’T place coffee grounds, eggshells, fibrous foods in the disposal. This could cause the plumbing to become clogged
DON”T pour grease down the drain

If your disposal does not turn on it may need to be reset. On most models, this button can be found on the bottom of the unit.

If your disposal becomes clogged, there is a garbage disposal wrench that can be inserted into the bottom of the unit and you can manually turn the blades to break up and stuck debris.

If your disposal gets a foul odor, letting it soak with water and a few drops of dish detergent will help

Its recommended to fill your sink and flush the disposal on a routine basis to keep the lines clear.

#garbagedispsal #homeownertips
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Here is another update from our project in Jasmine Court in Cushing, OK. The utilities are in and we have now gone vertical on both building. We hope to be taking applications soon and leasing units by April 1. 2019!

#ExcelDevelopmentGroup #Projectupdate
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Take a look at our latest job site at Jefferson Estates in Fairbury, NE!

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